Our Services

Our Services include Plant Construction, Industrial equipment maintenance, Electrical and Instrumentation, Power generation, Distribution substation, Indoor and outdoor switch yard installation, Testing & Commissioning, Switchgear and Bus duct and transformer installation, Low voltage Load Centre, Battery bank, SCADA, RTU, DCS system installation. We have efficient and SEC, Saudi ARAMCO Certified Medium voltage Cable termination and splicing team.

Electrical Works:

Designing of substation, Supply and installation of panel boards, Switchgears installation ,Cable ladders and raceways installation construction of cable trenches and duct banks, Power transformer Installation .
,Low voltage system installation ,Battery Banks and UPS System Installation, Earthing Networks and associated NGR Installation, All cabling ,Termination and splicing .Control and DCS,SCADA system installation and pre-commissioning.


Designing fabrication ,Erection of all pre-engineered steel structures Buildings ,Pipe racks ,Beams ,Ware houses, Factories, Installation of roof and wall cladding, Fall ceiling, Piping, Plumbing works and Central HVAC Ducting, Lighting Pole. Construction of precast foundation, Excavation, Soil filling, Compaction, Bituminous Coating, Duct Banks, Cable trenches.
Site development works Civil & Electrical / Structure works, Asphalt, U/G & A/G Concrete Infrastructure Foundations including design & detail Engineering.

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